The Danish ambassador to the US compiled a fact sheet to debunk her claims

Looks like we need the following quote posted again. This is not said by Shakespeare, but is a line from the play Hamlet by Shakespeare. To be precise, the line canada goose outlet reviews reads: «Something is rotten in the state of Denmark».»Top federal tax canada goose outlet sale rate of 56% as of 2015″ Misleading. First of all, Denmark is not a federation. Danes pay an income tax, made up of several elements. So without getting too technical and for the sake of simplicity: The top income tax bracket is ca. 56% in total, today as in 2015. it is only paid on personal income above 521.300 DKK, or 80.000 USD, per year. For the part of your income below this rate, taxes are ca. 41% (the calculation is a little more complicated, though). the sum of the different taxation elements. In 2015, this limit was canada goose outlet jackets at 51.95%, today, it’s 52.02%. This means if canada goose jacket outlet you live in a municipality canada goose outlet parka with a relatively high tax rate, the total marginal tax rate cannot rise above 52.02%. [Edit: Tax rules are complicated and I omitted the «AM bidrag» of 8 percent, meaning top marginal tax rate is actually 56.5% for the 10% highest earners. I hate to be proven wrong on this quite central point. HT: /u/KroonRacing]»In other words, everyone in Denmark is working for the Government» False. I guess this is meant as a rhetorical exaggeration, but let’s do it anyway: First of all, not everyone in Denmark is working, as we’ll canada goose factory outlet see in a minute. Secondly, paying taxes, even at rates higher than 50% (which only about 10% of the Danish population actually does), does not really constitute «working for the Government». Another way to look at it; a top canada goose outlet uk marginal tax rate of >50% was actually the case in the US from the Revenue act of 1932 and until Reagans Tax Reform Act in 1986, though it mostly applied to the very wealthy. 29% of working Danes, or 14% of the total population, canada goose outlet in usa were «working for the government».»And this doesn’t even include the 25% value added tax» True. Most products, except for some services, are added 25% VAT.»They have a 180% tax on cars» False. While the taxation on cars has been canada goose outlet store 180%, it was lowered in 2016 and again in 2017. Today, the tax on cars is 85% paid on the value of the car up to 185.100 DKK, or 28.300 USD, and 150% on the rest. the weighted average of 85% canada goose outlet online uk and 150% based on retail price). This was also the case when the taxation was 180%. To be fair, however, you also have to pay 25% VAT on the car’s price, including tax. This can theoretically lead to high end cars having de facto total taxation of 180%. for security equipment in the car.»You pay more in taxes than you do on the actual car» Mostly true. While 180% tax isn’t the case, expensive cars have a tax rate on 100% or more, cf. above.»And, no one wants to work. This is a real problem» Inconclusive. While I’m canada goose outlet shop not overly enthusiastic about Mondays, I still go to work every day. As do 2.8 million other Danes. Furthermore, unemployment rates are at their lowest point since 2008.»They are heavily in dept» Misleading. According to the IMF, Denmark has a General Government Gross Debt of 35.9% of GDP. This compares to an average of 102.9% for the IMF’s ‘Advanced Economies’ and 108% for the US. the average household owes about three years’ worth of income). But if you look at household balance sheets, this is the second highest in the OECD as well, second only to Netherlands. house, car and large pension savings). This is to some extent because of the relatively inexpensive mortgage credit system. On average, a Danish household holds equity and other assets equal to ca. 6.5 years of net income.»As of 2013, only three of the country’s 98 municipalities had more than half the population working» True. This is from an analysis made by the The National Research and Analysis Centre for Welfare back in canada goose outlet 2013. Today, 48% of the Danish population is working, with another ca. ca. 50.5% of Danes are either canada goose outlet toronto factory working or looking for work. (with a total labor force of 163.4 mio and a population 325.7 mio).»Schools free. University is free.» True. This is true. Tuition for public school, high school and university, as well as other vocational education and training is free. At university, you have to pay for your own books, though.»They pay you 990 USD per month to go to school» True. It’s a base rate of 6090 DKK (932 USD in today’s exchange rate). This is of course susceptible to income tax. housing, food and more while you study. Typically students take part time jobs on the side to supplement their income. The state also provide student loans with a low interest rate as a supplement.»They have canada goose outlet a program that’s supposed to take you five years [but due to the free education and grants]. nobody graduates. They stay in school, longer and longer. What’s supposed to take you five years is taking everyone six plus years» False. The five years program is typically a bachelor’s (three years) and a master’s (two) degree. In 2016, 20074 academic bachelors graduated, equal to around 70% of the students who started, with an average completion time canada goose outlet store uk of 3y2m. Likewise, 26144 master’s graduated, with an completion rate around 80% and on average in 3y2m. In other words, a five year’s education is on average taken in 5 years and 4 months. This number, by the way, is falling, and completion rates are generally rising.»As one person who studied Denmark said: Nowadays all the kids graduating from school in Denmark want to start cupcake cafes» Dubious. I can’t seem to find the source of the quote or the name of the person who is said to have studied Denmark. While we don’t canada goose black friday sale have statistics on official canada goose outlet young people’s cupcake entrepreneurship, we can in stead look at employment rates after graduation. This is generally falling. 6 months after graduation from an education in 2016, 19% were unemployed, meaning 81% had jobs. This share is expected to fall to 10% one year from graduation. Employment for graduates have generally risen in later years. Side note: As a Dane, fortunately, the great cupcake hype of 2010 15 seems to have blown over. They are really not that delicious.»Nobody is incentivized to do anything, because they are not going to be rewarded» / «Denmark, like Venezuela, has stripped people of their opportunities» Dubious. And yet, Danes get up every day and go to work. Just like in the US. Denmark is currently running at record levels of employment. Inflation is low, the Government has been running a surplus on the state budget four out of the five last years (though public debt increased 2009 2012) and we are generally running a trade surplus for the last 30 years.Sources (some in Danish, sorry) found through [the link above to the original post since /r/europe don allow URL shorteners]Four years ago I moved into my condo. The first week I here at about one in the morning I get a knock on the door. It this ninety+ year old Croatian woman who canada goose outlet black friday lives just down the hall. She scared and asks me into her apartment. I follow and she points out her canada goose outlet nyc condo goose outlet canada overlooks the freeway two cop cars who have pulled someone over for some reason. Their lights are flashing and you can see the cops arresting the driver. The old lady asks if it is terrorists and canada goose outlet new york city if we are being attacked. I say no and reassure her that is not the case.Over the next six months at least once a week the old lady knocks on my door and asks if we are under attack by terrorists because of something she saw on television. Like, legitimately scared. Shaking and wide eyed.One of the last times she came to my door and asked if we were under attack she was accompanied by her son, a man in his sixties. After she left he thanked me for helping her out and then said: «She lives alone and watches Fox news all day. She is scared. Always because of canada goose outlet uk sale that channel.»They made it out to be even more strict than it is and linked it with asylum seekers and migrants (from the past few years), and then got Nigel Farage to talk about it, who has no fucking clue about anything.As far as canada goose outlet online I can remember it was one canton who was debating about having former welfare recipients pay back the money before applying for citizenship. They basically extrapolated that to the whole country. What is absolutely correct is though, that a municipality giving out the citizenship in the past could have said that somebody who was on welfare recently isn integrated enough yet and people who currently are on welfare can apply. It also true, that you can be asked to pay back some welfare / unemployment payments as soon as you have a stable job and surplus income again, this is not directly connected with citizenship applications though.

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56% in total, today as in 2015

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