Cowsep’s video on his Korean account bans

Yeah, it seems obvious that he a messenger and that anyway Riot would trust Riot KR over Cowsep because that how a company works, but seeing that the problem been running for a while, Canada Goose sale it would be stupid for Riot to ignore it if they have enough manpower to just uk canada goose talk about those issues with Korea. Most korean players don understand canada goose coats on sale racism or bad behaviour resulting in a sanction because they never been held accountable to that in the game, just like most rich canadian goose jacket kids who never had to work in their lives can fathom how someone can live working hard every day. But it their job to literally say «hey guys, stop acting Canada Goose Parka like 5 year old children, it bad for us and for you all». Even if they take minimal steps about racism since it a minimal problem buy canada goose jacket there, but just all the shit they pull off all the time, like AFKing or inting. Behaving like children to Canada Goose Outlet each other just makes the experience worse.Japan was beaten into humility but the culture is still very Canada Goose online superiority complex they just dropped the isolation and imperialism culture. China is also this way w/ some isolation culture intact.I not picking on those two either. Most nations have a pride that can leak into xenophobia and racism. There tones of Asian (Chinese) players on NA servers like Illidan on WoW. So much so that addons like BlockChinese have come out and canada goose coats are almost required to play on those servers.If you get into a pug and see a cast on a player that their dbm/bigwigs announces and you see it in Chinese most people canada goose uk outlet just write off that player.Even worse is the canada goose clearance sale SA servers. You see a ragnaros/gallywix/Quel after his name you might as canada goose black friday sale well just leave/kick. There was even a comic moment in which a new recruit was bashing Brazilians on ventrilo for no good reason, and I was just listening while all the senior members of the guild (that knew I was Brazilian) were just leading him on, when he finally paused I asked him, in Portuguese, to apologize, obviously he didn understand and was promptly kicked from the guild.Then later I transfered to Azralon to play with friends, and was faced with xenophobia and prejudice many times when trying to cross realm pug, despite nothing having canada goose uk black friday changed in the way I play or act towards other people. Only in the last few centuries did whites really rise to world domination (sun never set on the British empire).Big thing is whites basically self ended a lot of the racism. Whites voted and fought against slavery (remember, whites bought slaves from other blacks that conquered neighboring black tribes).But in 2018, racism is extremely rampant in the middle east, africa, and to a degree asia. Its actually the least percentage wise in western/white nations now. The rate of slavery/murder for skin color in the USA is like, only a few people (and often perpetrated by non whites, like black on brown or black on white is the most common, remember that white kid those blacks abducted and tortured because he was a white trump supporter?). Africa and the middle east though. still happens to thousands in 2018. The people who write cheap canada goose uk these are the same kind of people of who won’t be able to say crap to foreigners in buy canada goose jacket cheap real life. The major difference Canada Goose Jackets is that our servers block that toxicity better.I’m glad that the toxicity of KR server is getting more publicity, I just hope that «Koreans are racist scums» narrative doesn’t seep into everyone’s canada goose outlet minds when they next look at or approach a korean individual. As surprising as it may be, there are genuinely nice Koreans. As for I see it, Cowsep was able to reveal a corrupted layer within the company of Riot itself. Everyone on Reddit knows about it, many people are complaining about it, but yet there has not been an official apology from Riot Korea or Riot in general.This case is an example, you can call it reference case. Someone is talking about «unpleaseant truths», «justified criticism» or «provable open weakenesses/issues» within Riot infrastructure. And instead of Riot openly addressing it or talk about it, they just shut down the voice and aim to get through with it.A few Korean Rioters may be laid off for incompetence, however the server culture uk canada goose outlet will probably never change. I’m canada goose uk shop not condoning the actions of the canada goose clearance toxic parts of the Korean playerbase, however the problem should have been nipped in the bud by Riot Korea. If proper enforcement of the Summoner’s Code was conducted, the server would canada goose probably not be notorious for its toxicity. Because of Riot KR’s inaction, the toxicity has metastasized into a disastrous international PR affair for Riot. The Korean Server, being closed off from the rest of the world, will probably never face much change to their playerbase’s in game griefing.

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You see a ragnaros/gallywix/Quel after his name you might as

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